Saturday, 28 July 2012

mind expanding

Finally got a bit of time to blow off some of the cobwebs round here, so best get cracking

I've just started an online course with CGMW

1st week assignment was to pic some movie stills/photos (saving private ryan and lawrence of arabia in this case) and break them down into simple values - foreground, middleground and background.

Fairly straightforward and about 90 minutes each.

And for good measure, I'll even throw in a couple of animated gifs breaking down the process i used.

And if anyones interested, it can be really useful to take a picture into photoshop and use the "cutout" filter to show the value patterns in your image. I used it on some film stills, but its just as applicable to your own work.

The next assignment is similar, only this time we get to draw anything we er, what could that be?

right now i have NO IDEA. Lets hope that doesnt last too long...

*edit* oh, i was also interviewed for a german games website! Skip to 10.45 for POWERFUL ART INSIGHTS...


  1. Utterly splendid Wilson, great tonal arrangements and really solid drawing!

  2. Great studies man, lovely values !

  3. Lovely Stuff, I'm really looking forward to seeing some of you environment creations.

  4. These are great matey! Look forward to seeing where the course takes ya!

  5. I *heart* this technique, these are totally awesome, feller!

  6. thanks for the replies everyone! week 2's done, so they'll be up next...

  7. hey love the future soldier looking over those Bedouin tents in wadi Rum, I am sure Auda ibu Tayi would be very much up for a fight with him ;)