Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Almost the end of January, so thought it was time for a recap

While the day job is filled with mostly blundering away in my new-ish position as a concept artist, i thought it'd be useful to do some quick studies in any freetime that was available. So these are some of em. Mostly 30 - 45 minutes ish

Also have another bit of TOP SECRET sauce cooking on the back burner. Cant say much, but if youre one of the chaps from one of the timesplitters forums that recently caused a big spike in my hits, then all i can say then this blog is mainly focussed on my personal work. Not generally much to do with Crytek. Soz!

Also, in the spirit of new year resolution induced delerium, thought it'd be a good idea to get lunchtime speedpainting up and going again. Or "LUNCHARTED" as its know in these parts. So thanks to the efforts of a few other excellent art types, thats been going great guns, so heres whats happened. Again, mostly really quick - just want to focus on churning out as many ideas as possible rather than concentrate on finished pieces. I've got enough of those sort of things to do as it is.

Think I might take a bit of a break in February.