Friday, 15 June 2012

Drive-By Posting

So carrying on with the vehicular theme i spend some time doing tutorials i'd discovered by this Miles Waterhouse chap. Very nicely done, its probably the best introduction to the basics of vehicle design and drawing around. So if you have a few quid to spare, it's well worth it.

Miles Waterhouse - Concise Car Sketching

one of the exercises is to trace (i know, cheating!) a picture of a car,
and try to just concentrate on simple reflections to describe its form. V. useful!

And as well as that, there was a study of another random internet photo (not traced!). I was again trying for a more painterly style, much like my last helicopter attempt, but possibly may have slightly over-egged the pudding. 
Well, its all about learning and i guess the most important thing i've (re)learnt recently is the importance of the initial drawing. It can take a while to sort it out, and it doesnt look showy or impressive, but once thats done everything else is so much easier. And it means i could potentially redo the same drawing in any number of different styles. In this case it was painterly scribbles, but it could have just have easily been a slick monochrome airbrush affair.

Undoubtedly theres going to be more of this learning to draw cars malarky, but in the meantime its Dr.Sketchy tomorrow - a very welcome break indeed!

Monday, 4 June 2012


So in between everything else, last month i thought i'd try and do something different, and also tackle some things that i've been putting off for a while! Also its good to veer off on a tangent every now and again and see where you end up.

The demands of my job mean i've been tackling a lot of technical drawing - things that involve all the tricky bits like perspective and design - so i started going through a few books and trying to get to grips with things.

Here are some of the books in case you're interested

Perspective For Comic Book Artists

Carl Dobsky Perspective (video download)

How to Draw Cars the Hot Wheels Way

Some miscellaneous perspective exercises, just to get warmed up!

I looked into car design , not specifically to learn how to design cars, because its a subject that covers a lot of important areas - good drawing fundamentals, design principles and application and presentation/drawing techniques that help to make things look great but also communicate what it is youre trying to convey.

And heres what i ended up with - some fairly ropey looking stuff to start off with, but wasnt long before i got the hang of some of it. Still a long way off on being able to design a car from scratch this way, but definitely got a better understanding of whats going on!

I also decided it'd be useful AND fun to put everything into practive, and apply some of the principles i'd been learning to a wacky-races style cartoon car.

And here was a quick lunchtime study to finish everything off

After all that i did this random helicopter pic, just to unwind and mess around a bit

Next month, i may try and carry on developing this side of things, or i might do something completely different. Guess we'll have to wait and see...