Saturday, 8 September 2012


Been BIZZAY the last few weeks, mainly to do with the CGMW classes, so going to dump all that in this update...

The last few weeks mainly involved taking some quick thumbnails and bringing them to a higher level finish...which is what i did. Look!

Giant Robot...

 ...Giant Spaceship..

...Giant MAHOOSIVE Robot

Also had an older pic published in Fantasy Flight Games Warhammer book (no, not the cover)

DeathWatch - Honor The Chapter

Heres the actual illustration - A space marine stepping through a hole cut into a blast door.
Like i said, its from a bit earlier in the year, so definitely might do a few things differently now.  Had a few problems resolving things compositionally - the central figure was straightforward enough, but the figures towards the extremeties were problematic for all sorts of reasons...

Here's some of the initial sketches/progress

As far as process goes, i thought it'd useful to block out some lighting reference in 3d > important to note that it was *just* reference, i didnt use it as a base for a paintover. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but, that wasnt the case in this example.

Anyway not sure if it was worth the time setting things up (modeling and rigging the block in character from scratch for example!) but a useful exercise all the same... for other developments, i was pleasantly suprised to see (a slightly misspelled version of ) myself popping up in VERTEX - a 300 page downloadable pdf filled with gameindustry art tutorials.

And for the sake of Google searches, best mention this here > ALDAN WILSON is Aidan Wilson

There, thats settled then.